Mary Aloe, Grodink/Aloe Productions, Aperture Media, Fortitude International, Coastal and Defiant Pictures shares more great press for DEAR DICTATOR. Now on Pay Per View.


DEAR DICTATOR stars Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush (Lady Bird), Jason Biggs, and Seth Green. An American teenage rebel in high school decides to write a dictator as her high school project. When political turmoil forces the dictator (think Caine channeling Castro) to flee his nation, he seeks refuge and ends up on our teenage girl’s doorstep in suburban America.

The “black list script” from comedy writers / directors Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse (upcoming “War On Grandpa” – Robert De Niro and a new Sandra Bullock movie).


ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - March 14, 2018 – “Katie Holmes Announces ‘I Wish I Could Be a Lesbian’ in ‘Dear Dictator’ Clip (Exclusive)” by John Boone


IMDB - March 14, 2018 – Twitter/Facebook

“To celebrate @themichaelcaine’s birthday, here’s an exclusive clip from his upcoming comedy #DearDictator featuring @KatieHOlmes212, @JasonBiggs, @OdeyaEush1 and milkboarding”


THE VILLAGE VOICE - March 14, 2018 – “‘Dear Dictator” Is a Teen High School Comedy Starring Michael Caine as a… *checks notes* Murderous Strongman?” by Tatiana Craine (Negative Review)


UNDER THE RADAR - March 14, 2018 – “Dear Dictator Review” by Austin Trunick (3 stars / 10 stars)


YAHOO - March 14, 2018 – “Katie Holmes Announces ‘I Wish I Could Be a Lesbian’ in ‘Dear Dictator’ Clip (Exclusive)” by John Boone (Wire Entertainment Weekly)


NOW TORONTO - March 14, 2018 – “Michael Caine shines in the ridiculous Dear Dictator” by Norman Wilner (Negative Review)


TRL - Odeya Interview on their Instagram story


BROADWAY WORLD - March 15, 2018 – “Mary Aloe & Aloe Entertainment Announce U.S. Theatrical Release of DEAR DICTATOR”


CHICAGO READER - March 15, 2018 – “Dear Dictator showtimes – Wednesday, March 21” by Staff Writer


PR WEB - March 15, 2018 – “Mary Aloe, Producer, Aloe Entertainment Announces U.S. Theatrical/PPV release of DEAR DICTATOR starring Michael Caine, Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes, Jason Biggs & Seth Green


THE GATE - March 15, 2018 – “Review: Dear Dictator” by Andrew Parker (2.5 stars / 10 stars)


THE NEW YORK TIMES - March 15, 2018 – “Review: In ‘Dear Dictator,’ a Despot Does Housework” by Jeannette Catsoulis (Negative Review)


VARIETY - March 15, 2018 – “Film Review: ‘Dear Dictator’” by Dennis Harvey (Mixed Review)


AFRO TORONTO - March 15, 2018 – “This Week’s Film Reviews (Mar 16, 2018)” by Staff Writer (3.5 stars / 5 stars)


PEOPLE Online- March 17, 2018 – “Katie Holmes Lets Seth Green Suck Her Toes In New Dear Dictator clip” by Dave Quinn


JOBLO - March 17, 2018 – “Review: Dear Dictator” by Chris Bumbray (6 stars / 10 stars)


PEOPLE - March 17, 2018 – “Katie Holmes Lets Seth Green Suck Her Toes in New Dear Dictator Clip” by Dave Quinn


SWEET - March 18, 2018 – Odeya Rush Interview

[Snapchat video attached]


DAILY MAIL - March 16, 2018 – “Nurse Katie Holmes has her toes sucked by her married boss as she lounges in a dentist chair in bizarre scene from new movie “Dear Dictator” by Joanna Crawley


FILM DUMPSTER - March 16, 2018 – “Film Review: “Dear Dictator”’ by Jeff Heller (6.1/10)


FILM MUSIC REPORTER - March 16, 2018 – “‘Dear Dictator’ Soundtrack Released” by Staff Writer


NOW THIS ENTERTAINMENT - March 16, 2018 – “‘Lady Bird’ Actress Odeya Rush Talks ‘Dear Dictator’ And Judaism” by Staff Writer


ROGER EBERT - March 16, 2018 – “Dear Dictator Review” by Simon Abrams (3 stars)


SCREEN ANARCHY - March 16, 2018 – “Review: DEAR DICTATOR, Not Teen Movie Torture” by Jim Tudor (Mixed/Positive Review)


SCREEN ANARCHY - March 16, 2018 – “Review: FLOWER, A Fresh Cut Above the Rest” by Jim Tudor (MENTION)


THE SUN - March 16, 2018 – “Katie Holmes giggles as she gets her toes sucked in saucy scene from new comedy Dear Dictator” by Natasha Rigler


TEMPLE OF GEEK - March 19, 2018 – “Aaron Review: Dear Dictator” by Aaron Powell (6.75/10)

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