Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team were discussing why does America like boxing movies. Mary Aloe pointed out that there have been about 46 boxing movies over the years, some of which have done extremely well critically, financially, and are award-winning, as well. As an Aloe Entertainment team member started singing the ROCKY theme, Mary continued, “Rocky I, III, and IV have each garnered over $110M in the last 30+ years and the first outing for Sylvester Stallone won the team a Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Editing kudos from the Oscar gang.” Big stars, such as Will Smith, Paul Newman, Robert DeNiro, John Wayne, Christian Bale, James Earl Jones, and Daniel Day-Lewis have lent their talents in a boxing movie. “Hilary Swank won the best Actress Oscar and Golden Globe for MILLION DOLLAR BABY in 2005″, an Aloe Entertainment team member reminded the group. Yes, “Mary Aloe included, “and a SAG and many critics awards. GIRLFIGHT, with Michelle Rodriguez did verywell, too.” “Yeah, it’s definitely not just a guy pic,” one of the Aloe Entertainment developers added.

“This year, we have already seen Jake Gyllental in SOUTHPAW and will also see the release of HANDS OF STONE, with DeNiro, and CREED, a spinoff of the ROCKY pictures, bring back Stallone as the trainer to Apollo Creed’s grandson,” said Mary Aloe. “And the WHIPLASH kid, Miles Teller, is making one for a 2016 release, BLEED FOR THIS, a team member at Aloe Entertainment added, “that guy can’t get away from bleeding hands.” “Did you ever wonder why boxing movies do so well, yet boxing matches are losing their appeal,” asked Mary Aloe to the Aloe Entertainment team, “Everybody loves and underdog! And feats of athletic prowess, and heroism, and, of course, getting the girl.”
Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team have partnered with Daniel Grodnik and Mass Hysteria to bring a terrific boxing story to the screen next year called TIGER. It is based on the true story of an Indian man, to be played by Prem Singh, who is banned from the sport of boxing because he wouldn’t compromise his religious convictions and stood up for his rights. Prem Singh is also the co-writer of the screenplay along with his partner, Michael Pugliese, who will also play an important role in the movie. We are also starting preproduction on AMERICAN BRAWLER on October 6th in NYC. Mary Aloe, president of Aloe Entertainment stated, “I am very pleased to bring Daniel’s expertise and skills to our prestigious project. I look forward to partnering with Dan on many projects in 2015 and onward. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

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